Reasons Germany Should Be Your Study Abroad Destination

Germany’s recognized universities, super cheap, free education and stunning views all make the country one of the best study-abroad destinations for international students. It has been recorded that over 319,000 students from around the globe signed up for Germany’s top-notch higher education system in 2021.

As everyone would agree, Germany might be famous for sausage, wines, drinks, and all that stuff, but the country has contributed scientifically, and academically to the world at large. Germany has got it moving, from academic excellence to rocking sports and leisure vibes, and some of the best engineering and building design stuff ever.

Read on to know why every International student should study in Germany.

1. No Need To Pay For Tuition

In Germany, the Government runs most schools.  This means that the government doesn’t charge tuition fees – even for students from other countries. For instance, let’s say you would have to bring out $12, 000 to $20, 000 from your pocket each year for tuition in the USA. But the case is different in Germany. S studying in Germany won’t cost you a dime.

Since 2014, all state-funded universities in Germany have waived tuition fees for their bachelor’s programs. It doesn’t matter where you’re from – if you’re doing an undergrad degree in Germany, the German government would fund it.

Now don’t get it twisted – you will still have to handle living expenses, and non-EU students might have to fend handle their welfare fund. But if you’re pursuing a master’s program in Germany, then there’s no charge for that. Make sure you read up on your chosen university’s website to be crystal-clear on the university requirements.

2. Germany is a Safe and Peaceful Nation

Besides the classroom knowledge you acquire at universities, there are countless options for personal development in Germany’s diverse cultural landscapes. This includes a plethora of museums, theaters, movie theaters, and cultural organizations throughout the vibrant streets of Germany, which all provide excellent opportunities for international students to grow and learn.

This signifies that students can explore their academic intellect to the fullest extent possible both inside and outside of the university’s boundaries. German academic institutions aim at supporting students’ intellectual and personal growth. However, to do this, students must be eager, motivated, passionate, and insistent about their area of study.

Up until now, many people view Germany as a calm and peaceful nation that has financial and political stability. With this, international students, regardless of gender, can move about freely during the day or night in most areas.

3. Best for Indian Students

It’s pretty easy for Indians to be eligible to study in Germany. If you’re thinking of doing your undergraduate program there, you’re probably after some kind of technical degree. And if you’re an Indian who wants to be an engineer, then passing the JEE could probably be a big deal for you.

Well, good news! If you passed the JEE Advanced, then you can get directly admitted into Germany’s undergraduate programs for that particular course. But even if you didn’t pass the JEE, it’s not the end of the world. If you managed to get into a state college or university in India and finished one year, then you can still get directly admitted into the same course at any university in  Germany.

4. You can get a German Student Visa

Even if you’re not a citizen of Germany, you can get all the benefits and rights a German citizen can have with no extra fuss, like paperwork or permits – you just get to jump right in.

But, if you’re not from Europe, you’ll have to get a German study visa. If you still intend to continue with your studies beyond 90 days, make sure you also apply for a student visa and a residency permit to allow you to move about in the country. Good news, though! That permit grants you access to the Schengen Area without a visa, which means you can travel to any country you want to travel to, and at your convenience.

5. You get the Chance to Learn the German Language

Even if most of the classes are in English (mostly Master courses and some Bachelor ones), and you’re living in Germany, learning the German language is important for dealing with day-to-day things like shopping, errands, and using transport.

If you’re from abroad, there are many ways you can learn the German language in a way that won’t break the bank while studying at a German university. Most times, many unis offer free German classes for international students. They’ll match you up with someone you can learn from, in groups, clubs, or around the uni.

Moreso, living with a German host family isn’t just good for learning the German language; it also helps you grab the local social rules and make friends with other german citizens

Final Notes

Germany is killing it when it comes to academic excellence Foreign students are scrambling to attend German universities. And let’s not forget about Germany’s wrich history. The country has been a ‘major player’ in the overall course of humanity. So what are you waiting for? Get on that Germany college app ASAP.

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