Every parent who is interested in seeing that their kids achieve a good educational feat must have at one time or another thought about the prospects of scholarships. The scholarship provides the information, knowledge, and abilities your child will need for academic success.  The California Scholarship Federation (CSF), a non-profit organization, assists parents in giving their kids the chance to realize their ambitions.

The scholarship federation provides different types of scholarships, starting from Fellowship Scholarships to  Presidential Scholarships.

Read on to know more about the California Scholarship Federation, and how the project can be beneficial to students.


Established in 1921 by Charles F. Seymour, The California Scholarship Federation (CSF), aims to recognize Californian students who have excellent education excellence. The California Scholarship Federation, Inc. is a charitable organization whose goal is to honor and promote academic excellence and philanthropy among California middle and high school students.


For qualified California high school students interested in becoming a Life Member or Sealbearer, the California Scholarship Federation (CSF), Inc. is offering a very promising scholarship. The scholarship is one of the top academic awards that the Scholarship Federation seeks to offer secondary school graduates in California. And throughout the state of California, there are over 1500 chapters of the CSF in middle and high schools. Each chapter is made up of eligible students. Moreso, each chapter has a  staff adviser who is in charge of conducting academic affairs.

The California Scholarship Federation provides financial assistance to Over 1,600 schools and organizations around the state, in form of scholarship information, materials, and support. By taking part in national programs like the National Scholastic Foundation’s Gold Level Scholarship Program, the CSF not only awards scholarships but also advocates good standards for scholarship granting.


With the help of the California Scholarship Federation, students can go about with their school activities, as they do not have to worry about paying their University school fees.

To join the CSF, however, you must be a citizen of California, while also upholding a high academic performance. The benefits include:


The CSF helps by giving extra funds to students who are unable to pay the entire cost of tuition. Annually, these grants are for extra expenses and they range from $250 to $2,500.  A student’s adjusted gross income (AGI) and family income level will determine how much of a grant they’ll receive.


By joining the CSF, you can ensure that your scholarship application form is filed on time and that you are qualified for all funding opportunities. CSF provides the following amounts of financial aid:

  • $1000 for engineering awards
  • $2,500 for general financial aid
  • $2,500 award for business or management.
  • $4000 for nursing scholarship
  • $5,000 in merit-based awards


By becoming a member of the CSF, you can make connections with other high school students who are seeking scholarship programs. You will be able to develop relationships through networking that could result in new opportunities down the road.



    1. Candidates must have at least 10 points from last semester’s results. The candidate must include four points from List I. For The first seven points, students must select a LIST, from  LISTS I and II. Students can use any LIST for the final few points.
    2. To qualify, each student needs a maximum of five courses.
    3. No CSF points are awarded for:
      •  courses a student takes on a pass-fail or no-credit basis
      • courses students take in place of physical education
      •  courses students repeat to raise a grade
      •  courses that include office/teacher aids
      • courses taken for which a grade is given only a pass mark.


Members of the California Scholarship Federation are entitled to a wide range of tuition scholarships that colleges and universities around the state offer. Based on their moral character, leadership potential, and charitable activities, regional subcommittees select some individuals to become Life Members.

For their college expenses, five qualified students/members (one in each region of California) earn an additional $3000 scholarship grant on top of the $2,000 each that the other fifty students receive.


For a student to be a Life Member (Sealbearer) he/she must pass four or more semesters in the remaining three years of high school. Usually, Life Membership is indicated on transcripts and diplomas with the CSF Gold Seal. Each student must earn a grade in at least one of the semesters from senior year. Life Members have some special honors.

  • Life Members will wear an official Gold Honor Cord for graduation
  • Life members will have a Gold seal for a diploma
  • Life Members stand the chance of receiving a life membership scholarship from CSF


As earlier stated, the California Scholarship Federation (CSF) is a non-profit organization that awards scholarship programs to high school students in California. Currently, the Federation provides more than $1 million in scholarship assistance each year.

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